Interview with Rajaa - Enterpreneurship is the way to bring economic empowerment

Interview with Rajaa - Enterpreneurship is the way to bring economic empowerment

Rajaa R K is an entrepreneur by heart, work and by passion. He believes that entrepreneurship is the only way to bring economic empowerment to millions. He does not just believe in it but is on a mission to turn many household women to entrepreneurs thus truly helping transform the society.

Let us hear his background, thoughts in his own words:

Can you brief us your education background and career
I am chartered accountant by education and from the beginning believed in entrepreneurship. If you look at the span of my career, majority of it has been founding companies and

What made you start OneMillionKitchens and how does it differentiate from existing crowd sourcing food apps?
Many people want to start home kitchens, because this will give income at low investment and low operating costs - they can do it as a family.

In order to reach out to them and enable them to start a home kitchen as a single window, I have started 1MK. I am still studying how we are different; I have just started listing the other ones. But I do not understand your question - 'crowd sourcing food app' - can you explain, with an example, maybe I can give a more detailed answer.

How does OneMillionKitchens creates jobs and help GDP?

The simplest way to create jobs is to enable entrepreneurship at a mass scale. Only I have understood and defined this simple answer, even the World Economic Forum has not done it, the World Bank has not done it, the UN has not done it, London School of Economics hasn't done it, Harvard/Wharton haven't defined this solution.


How does job creation help GDP?

Jobs give income in the hands of people, and income drives consumption, consumption drives production and competition - this is how GDP is created.

You can give loans to people and drive consumption, but that is not real consumption - only jobs give real income leading to real consumption. So when I create a partner kitchen on 1MK, I am creating an entrepreneur, who will create jobs, and the above cycle.

How are you planning to position the venture few years from now from the whole ecosystem standpoint?

My aim is to make 1MK the biggest single window source for setting up a kitchen anywhere in India, and later take it to other countries. 

How are you responding to the global pandemic?
By being positive and empathetic with people.

Who is your role model in life and entrepreneurship?

Dhirubhai Ambani has been my inspiration both in life and in entrepreneurship.

What role does technology play in your venture and where do you see it going from here?

Technology is the way to reach more people, cut costs, reduce wastage, save time, earn more, do things better.

Work habits are changing, and people increasingly are working from home. What’s your forecast about the “Future of work”?

Some things will change, many things will not. I think we will all come back to working at offices, because man is a social animal. Only, we will have more self-contained complexes where the distance between home and work is lesser.

I do see more people operating from internet centers in developing countries, because all cannot afford the total cost of system + high speed connectivity + maintenance + privacy. 


At AiDOOS, we believe that the right job to be done by the right expert and expertise can come from anywhere. If AiDOOS enables bringing the expertise and enables customers get tasks done and pay per task, would customers be interested in such offering?

You're absolutely spot on. Yes, I need these offerings right away! I can't afford fixed costs of salaries for all the services, but I need them. This is a great idea!