Experts can work from anywhere

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Build expert teams

Organise a team of experts based on skills that can serve global companies.

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Say "No" to bidding

Get recognised for your talent, overcome the need for bidding, let the work come your way.

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Global recognition

Your work speaks for itself, recognition for your work on the global stage.

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Great remuneration

AiDOOS works with global systems of scale and provides greater payout.

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Join global community

Get exclusive access to global events, webinars, work challenges, and impactful training.

Steps to enter the world of AiDOOS

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To access our exclusive task opportunities, training programs, and global events, simply enter your details to be verified.

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Get noticed

AiDOOS is different, we don’t work on bidding process. Rather, we line up tasks based on your skills.

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You can work as a team or individually. Once the project is complete, remuneration reaches your AiDOOS wallet instantly.

How we are different?

Work. Deliver. Excel.

Our unique business model eliminates the gap between the right talent and the business. When the world has gone remote, why should businesses restrict the hiring to geographic boundaries?

What experts are saying about us?

AiDOOS is just awesome. Finally, I am able to build stuff that I like with all the flexibility I could have ever imagined. This is it, we do not need to look beyond to get going.
As a freelancer, lot of my energies were going into bidding and proving that my work was better and billing rates were cheaper. With AiDOOS, you do not have to do any of that. Work keeps coming your way.
As a Java developer, I along with my friends developed multiple reusable services but had no way to capitalize. Then came AiDOOS, we are now able to put the services to use and provide quick turnaround.
For architects, once the core architecture is done, time spent in the implementation is not that exciting. Here comes AiDOOS, I am now able to help many customers around the globe scaling their systems.
Finally I am able to put my decades of experience to right use. There is a platform for me to access multiple customer systems around the globe and provide quick fixes and enhancements and earn greatly.

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