Experts can work from anywhere

Company: Post a Project or Talent Need

Post Projects or Talent Needs Easily share your requirements on the platform.

Define Scope, Budget, Timelines Set clear project details and parameters.

Pay for Results, No Hidden Costs Transparent outcome-based payments.

Agile Workforce, Global Talent Access dynamic, and global talent pool.

Mitigate Risks, Minimize Disruptions Overcome attrition risks and reduce downtime.

AiDOOS Differentiator : Owns Delivery & Quality

Review & Publish AiDOOS reviews, confirms, and publishes on the platform.

Assign Delivery Manager A dedicated Delivery Manager is assigned as the face of your project.

Recommendation Engine AI engine identifies the most suitable teams for your project.

Notify the Teams All identified teams are promptly notified, ensuring a quick and efficient project start.

Execution Focus AiDOOS ensures successful project delivery through close collaboration with customers and talent.

Experts can work from anywhere
Experts can work from anywhere

Talent : Build, Deliver, and Grow

Build Your Team Join, form a specialized team, and access exclusive opportunities.

No Bidding Showcase your talent and have work come directly, eliminating the need for bidding.

Project Opportunities Discover diverse global projects for individual or team delivery.

Remote Jobs Discover numerous remote jobs, connecting you to a global network of companies.

Payment & Growth Excellent pay for work, tokens for platform contributions, and many more.

Remote Working Ecosystem: Connect, Collaborate, Conquer

All-In-One Platform Integrated Platform with Projects, Communication, Doc Repo, and Remote Hiring.

Your Virtual Company Join forces with like-minded individuals, and offer niche products & services.

Product Marketplace Transform your ideas into global products, and list them for effortless sales.

Events & Challenges Access global events, trainings, webinars, and exciting weekly challenges.

Community-Owned Embrace decentralized, and distributed platform where everyone is a shareholder.

Experts can work from anywhere
Simplify Project Management

All-In-One Project Management Tool for External & Internal Projects.

Open Talent

Borderless Talent for Companies, Boundless Opportunities for Workforce.

Streamlined Team Channel

Your all-in-one hub for seamless team, project, and member communications.

Centralized Document Sharing

Effortlessly share team and project-related documents in one simple, integrated platform.

What the world is saying about us?

AiDOOS is just awesome. Finally, I am able to build stuff that I like with all the flexibility I could have ever imagined. This is it, we do not need to look beyond to get going.
For architects, once the core architecture is done, time spent in the implementation is not that exciting. Here comes AiDOOS, I am now able to help many customers around the globe scaling their systems.
Finally I am able to put my decades of experience to right use. There is a platform for me to access multiple customer systems around the globe and provide quick fixes and enhancements and earn greatly.
Microsoft from time-to-time finds products suitable for acquisition and needs strong due diligence partners. AiDOOS did a great job in analyzing the products thoroughly and evaluate the fitment of it into MS product suite. They provided a quick turnaround of 2 weeks for the work.
Nissan had to migrate from legacy IT system to new age system. Data was complex and migration was holding us back to go-live. That's when AiDOOS pitched in, ramped up data migration experts within no time, who designed and migrated data to new system, go-live was done as planned.
When Aegis had to expedite ERP upgrade work and was looking for a way to do so, AiDOOS jumped in with its innovative task delivery platform. Everything worked in a simple and seamless way. We wish to continue this model for all our future needs.

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